Firm for Life

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As part of our commitment to developing and retaining a productive and skilled work force, B&D; Consulting launched "Firm for Life" — a wellness program designed to strengthen and enhance the health and well-being of our employees.

B&D; Consulting's Firm for Life program provides a variety of benefits, including quarterly health and wellness education sessions, individual and team fitness challenges, and Personal Sustainability Plans.

Educational sessions include topics that cover health tips, motivational messages, fitness resources and tools, and detailed information on many common yet unknown health insurance benefits. Some of the individual and team challenges held through Firm for Life include the pedometer challenge, cardiovascular improvement challenge and employee-driven Personal Sustainability Plans which develop goals tailored to individuals and are intended to improve health and wellness.

The Personal Sustainability Plans not only improve the health and wellness of the individual, but the community and environment as well by sustaining the planet and affecting the community through helping to motivate others. People who stay active do better on the job — decreasing absenteeism and disability time, preventing or reducing costs for treating illness and injuries, and improving productivity and morale. B&D; Consulting is committed to provide the necessary tools to ensure its employees continue to be healthy and happy.

B&D; Consulting is a member of three other health-related initiatives:

  • "Alliance to Make U.S. Healthiest" — a non-partisan organization that facilitates partnerships between national and grassroots efforts.
  •  "Healthy People 2020 Consortium" — a diverse, motivated and dedicated group of agencies and organizations committed to working together to achieve health goals and objectives for the nation.
  • "America On The Move" — a national nonprofit organization focused on improving health and quality of life by promoting healthful eating and active living among individuals, families, communities and society.