B&D; Consulting’s roots go back to a time long before public policy was debated on national television and the Internet, with participants arranging their discussions via cell phone. In fact, there were no telephones of any kind when our firm was born – and the U.S. Capitol, in its present form, was still under construction.

Baker & Daniels, our parent firm, grew from a series of Indianapolis-based law firms beginning in 1863 under the leadership of Thomas A. Hendricks, later Vice President of the United States under President Grover Cleveland. Hendricks chose as his partner Oscar B. Hord, a former Indiana Attorney General.

Hendricks & Hord went through a succession of personnel and name changes until Conrad Baker joined the firm in 1873. Ironically, Baker had defeated Hendricks in the 1868 Indiana gubernatorial election. Baker, by law could not succeed himself, but he was followed by Hendricks four years later and the two swapped jobs – Hendricks to the governor’s office, Baker to the law firm – which became Baker, Hord & Hendricks.

In 1881, Albert Baker and Edward Daniels formed a partnership, opening their law office in the building that adjoined Baker, Hord & Hendricks. Even then, the young firm was interested in emerging technologies: telephone service was rare in Indianapolis but leaders of the two firms, seeing the technology’s potential, decided to share a line.

Eventually, Albert Baker and Edward Daniels assumed control of Baker, Hord & Hendricks and changed the name to Baker & Daniels. Along the way, the firm became one of the leading law practices not only in Indianapolis, but throughout Indiana.

In 1976, Baker & Daniels established a Washington, DC, office. Nine years later the firm created a subsidiary company to help clients with federal government relations issues (Gogol & Associates/B&D; Sagamore). The firm added a second subsidiary in the 1990's to provide public affairs services (Capitol Direct/B&D; Quorum). And in 2000, a joint venture global medical technology consulting firm was launched (Aventor).

Now, the resources and people of B&D; Sagamore, B&D; Quorum and Aventor have come together under a new name – B&D; Consulting to meet the challenges of our clients in the 21 st Century. But the core values of quality work and commitment to client interests remain as they have been since Thomas Hendricks and Oscar Hord first combined their legal talents in the midst of the Civil War – with the U.S. Capitol dome still unfinished in far away Washington.